About Us


Lok Taran Sansthan came in existence on 24th July, 2015 under the able hands of Swami Vivekanand Giri Ji, in the Dev Bhoomi of Uttarakhand. Swami Ji being the humanitarian seer; he could sense the lack of harmony within cultures and humanity, the bitterness of individuals have polluted the peace of the society; at these testing times religion seems as an elixir which has the potential to cure the prevailing unpleasantness of the world. Sanatan Dharma has always upheld the motto of peace, harmony, prosperity and altruism, what better could be to revive the treasure of the teachings of our Masters for the welfare of the needful and suffering. Lok Taran Sansthan was established in light to this motto, for the attainment of true happiness which is beyond the materialistic bounds, the selfless service of humanity, to uplift one and all, to sustain the balance of nature. We at Lok Taran Sansthan are thus bound by the pious oath to serve and work with every bit of our blood and flesh for liberation of the human race, within the boundaries of our beloved Nation and beyond.


Lok Taran Sansthan, as the name suggests if for the liberation of the people and salvation of all. The organization aims for the enlightenment and upliftment of the souls which are entangled in the pompous distressful life and seek the doors of Moksha (liberation). The ones whose consciousness shines a little brighter than that of others, who have rigorously worked towards the path of salvation and believe in the greatness of our ancient texts, the findings of our Gurus, the longing of the soul for its Creator. We bear the torch to such seekers who struggle to find answers, quenching their thirst and helping then unearth their truth, the truth that not only has the power to set them free but also to make this world a better place. In order to do so we employ various simplistic means like swadhyay, chintan, manan, sanskar, utsav, satsang, etc. which have huge impact on the development of the consciousness of the soul. We inculcate the habit of service in these illuminated souls, from service towards temples and cows to selfless-service of mankind; Lok Taran Sansthan strives to touch the multi-faceted idea of service for the upliftment of its disciples. The regular Yagyas at our organisation is also a symbolic for the yagya of life, the burning in the pyre of knowledge and self-realisation in order to unfold the true reality of existence, the various means which lead us to the ultimate goal of Moksha, to become one with that self-illuminated consciousness.
At Lok Taran Sansthan we have been working for the good of the globe. The Divine land of our sages, saints and seers, stretching from the sky rocketing peak of Himalayas to the shores touching Ocean, has witnessed the teaching of Adiguru Sankaracharya and it is his pure and pious blessings for his pupil that is flourish at our organisation. The essence of all these philosophies have seeped in the vision of our Swami Vivekanada Giri ji and Lok Taran Samasthan is an embodiment of that righteous, altruistic, philanthropist, magnanimous vision. Our Swami Ji has taught and guided us to work towards human excellence and holistic development. We at Lok Taran Sansthan strive at helping you to raise your consciousness and find the answers of the questions which truly matter under the able guidance of our Swami Ji.


  • To work for the betterment of mankind.
  • To help people in search of higher answers or Moksha by swadhayay, chintan, sanskar, utsav and satsang.
  • To uphold the Acharya culture for the benefit of distressed souls.
  • To polish the knowledge through our rich heritage of great sages and saints.