Lok Taran Bhagini Sansthanam

Lok Taran Bhagini Sansthanam has been created under the spiritual leadership of Lok Taran Sansthan founder
Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivekanand Giri Ji Maharaj. Lok Taran Bhagini Sansthanam motto is : ‘Light for Lady’.
Aims and objectives of Lok Taran Bhagini Sansthanam are:

  • Women empowerment in male-centred Indian Society.
  • Save Girl Child – Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. To excel in girl education and vocational training.
  • Striving for women’s equality of rights – Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.
  • Uprooting gender discrimination in relation to women – Article 15 of the Indian Constitution.
  • Equality of opportunities for women in Indian society – Article 16 of the Indian Constitution.
  • To discourage redundant practices which violate the honour and integrity of women of our country –
    Article 51 a(e) of the Indian Constitution.
  • To guide women on maternity-related benefits and workplace safety – Article 42 of the Indian
  • Prevention of illegal trade, dissemination of knowledge on dowry prohibition act and National
    Commission of Women’s act 1990, for uplifting the stronger gender.
  • Educate and enlighten women who live in the streets and metropolitan cities of India, working as
    class four to doctorate level employee, about provisions in the Indian constitution regarding Prenatal
    sex determination, Domestic violence, Child marriage, Sexual harassment at work, Criminal offences
    against women, thus to ensure their adequate coverage and security under the law.
  • Spreading awareness in women regarding Anemia which leads to blood deficiency, its causes,
    symptoms and methods of prevention of the crippling systemic disease.
  • Apprise women of rights they hold by developing their consciousness, thereby empowering them in
    traditional social and financial roles.
  • To generate awareness in sex-selective abortion ( Kanya Bhroon Hatya ) among women.

Sansthanam’s leadership believes in simple living and high thinking. Therefore it is the duty and
endeavour of Lok Taran Bhagini Sansthanam to educate and empower every strata of women in following
key attributes :

  • Moral
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Holistic