Lok Taran Sant Swasthya Seva Samiti

Aims and objectives of Lok Taran Sant Swasthya Seva Samiti : 

1. To bridge the gap in Medical Health schemes run by the Indian Government and real time benefits availed by the Indian population of such scheme(s),  Ayushman Bharat for example.

2. To spread awareness of  such Medical Health scheme(s) in  Uttrakhand  especially among Pilgrims, Migrant labourers, Farmers, Youth, Saints and Sages living ascetic life, Women and Geriatric population within the State.  

3. To assist different strata of patients through  process  of  registration  in various scheme(s) at authorised centres, hence gaining validity for the beneficiary’s medical treatment needs in letter and spirit. 

4. To extend Auxillary patient support to persons suffering from co-morbidities of chronic conditions, debilitating diseases and cases of domiciliary hospitalization as a social welfare initiative.

5. To serve solitary saints , seers , sages and pilgrims without any family support,  who may require immediate medical attention in form of Ambulance an paramedic assistance in and around cities of Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradoon on priority basis. 

6. To volunteer care of patients on patient’s behalf  in securing hospital admissions and shouldering  emotional support on their first hospital visit as an integral part of the said scheme(s).

7.To contribute towards  baseline health literacy concerning Medicine Prescription, Dose regimen Adverse effects and Precautions , if any ,  during treatment course; and aiding in patient recovery after General or Local Anesthesia related procedures undertaken in health facility.

8. To provide patient caregiver services, and related  logistical support  managed effectively through a dedicated patient helpline ( toll free ).

9. To aid in primary health relief at the Samiti’s health centre in case of emergency and to ensure promt patient referral  to the next bigger health facility by a qualified medical practitioner. 

10. To educate the Indian masses including children, about nature, causes, and symptoms of diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Teeth as well as  Skin diseases and also focusing on communicable diseases as the Samiti’s main objective.

11. To enlighten the globe regarding Devguru’s message of ‘Adhikta and Aabhav’. According to this divine message we must refrain from indulging in excessive consumption which means  ‘Adhikta se Bachein’ ;  and help those in need by providing them necessary amenities  – a pre requisite for healthy surrvival implying ‘Aabhav se Bachayein’.